GCSE Maths and Physics

Live Online Monthly classes for Year 10 and Year 11 Students

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with regular monthly online classes from  just £19.99/month. 

All our tutors are Doctors who have graduated from top London universities have a wealth of experience in teaching. During the session we cover core concepts pertaining to each topic and focus on exam technique and past paper questions. 


Live classes run once a month & each session lasts from 10am - 3pm. 

There is no fixed contract and you can pay as you go.




 September              Electricity 
October                      Forces and motion
November               Waves in air, fluids and solids

December                Particle model of matter & changes of state 
January                     Energy changes in a system & conservation of energy
February                   The motor effect, transformers & National grid 
March                          Electromagnetic waves 
April                              Space physics 

May                               Revision & exam preparation

June                             Revision & exam preparation 


 September              Number 
October                      Ratio, proportions & rates of change 
November                 Pythagoras & Trigonometry
December                Fractions, percentages and decimals 
January                      Algebra 1 

February                     Equations of straight lines and graphs 
March                           Algebra 2 
April                               Probability & Statistics 

May                                Revision & exam practice

June                              Revision & exam practice 

Class dates September 2021 - May 2022





                        Maths                      Physics 

September         Saturday 11th              Sunday 12th           

October                Saturday  9th             Sunday 10th 

November          Saturday 13th              Sunday 14th      

December          Saturday 11th               Sunday 12th        

January               Saturday 15th               Sunday 16th         

February             Saturday 12th              Sunday 13th        

March                   Saturday 12th              Sunday 13th          

April                      Saturday 9th                Sunday 10th           

May                       Saturday 14th              Sunday 15th          

Pay per monthly session