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A-level examinations are crucial for university applications.

There is a steep learning curve from transition to GCSEs and we understand how stressful Year 12 and Year 13 can be.

Without a clear understanding of the concepts in A-level Biology and Chemistry it can be challenging  to apply knowledge to exam papers.  

We run online monthly sessions to help consolidate your learning and master your exam technique.  All our tutors are Doctors who have scored >3A* at A-level and have a wealth of experience in teaching. 


 Each session lasts from 10am - 3pm. 

No fixed contract and you can pay as you go.

Chemistry Course Timetable 

            AS Level  (Year 12)                                                                                                                                                                

A-Level (Year 13) 

September                                Foundations in Chemistry                                     

October                                       Periodicity & Trends in Reactivity        

November                                 Enthalpy & Reaction rates                         

December                                Organic chemistry core concepts            

January                                     Alcohols & Haloalkanes 

February                                   Haloalkanes and reaction mechanisms                    

March                                        Organic synthesis, infrared and mass spectroscopy                  

April                                            Kinetics & Equilibria   

May                                             Revision and exam practice


September         Rates of reaction & equilibrium                                   

October                Acids, bases & pH       

November           Inorganic ions                        

December           Aromatic chemistry I

January                Aromatic chemistry II        

February              Polymerisation & amino acids 

March                    Organic synthesis                   

April                        Chromatography                  

May                        Revision & exam technique 


Biology Course Timetable 

September                                    Biological Molecules 
October                                           Cell structure & transport across membranes
November                                     The Cardiovascular system 
December                                     Gas exchange 
January                                          DNA, genes and protein synthesis 
February                                        Cell diversity, differentiation and division
March                                              Biodiversity 
April                                                   Revision and & Exam practice


            AS Level  (Year 12)                                                                                                                                                                

A-Level (Year 13) 

     September                                                  Photosynthesis
     October                                                         Respiration
     November                                                   Response to stimuli and nervous coordination
     December                                                   Homeostasis
    January                                                         Variation, genetics & evolution
   February                                                        Adaptations, interdependence and competition
   March                                                               Gene expression and recombinant DNA
   April                                                                   Revision and Exam practice


A-Level Biology and Chemistry 

Live Online Monthly classes for Year 12 and Year 13 Students

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 11.23.37.png

Covering all exam boards


Each virtual classroom has less than 10 students to ensure active participation of  each student


A fraction of the cost of regular private tutoring


All classes cover AQA, Edexcel and OCR 


Emphasis on covering past papers and improving grades from A to A*


                    Biology                    Chemistry 

September         Saturday 17th              Sunday 18th           

October                Saturday  22rd              Sunday 23th 

November          Saturday 19th               Sunday 20th      

December          Saturday 17th                Sunday 18th        

January               Saturday 21nd               Sunday 22rd         

February             Saturday 18th                Sunday 19th        

March                   Saturday 18th                Sunday 19th          

April                      Saturday 15th                Sunday 16th           

May                       Saturday 20th                Sunday 21st        

Class dates: September 2021 - May 2022

Here is a snippet from our A-level Biology session

Why Ace Medics?

Covering all exam boards 

The curriculum covers all exam boards in the UK including OCR, AQA and Edexcel. 

Affordable price 

Each session is only £19.99 per month with no fixed contract. Pay as you go.

Run by Doctors

All of our tutors are Doctors and Medical Students who have a wealth of teaching experience 

Get ahead in class 

We teach modules at a faster pace than schools with the aim of covering a single chapter within each session along with exam practice.  

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