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SJT Live Online Webinar Recording - £49

You will receive a link to accessing the webinar for 24 hours from the time of booking.
A copy of the handouts will be provided. 
Ongoing support up until your exam date with our team.


James A - Barts and the London (43.094) South Thames Deanery 

"I previously attended a well known SJT course which I thought was a complete waste of time, it lacked explanations and was much more style over substance. On the other hand, the Ace Medics course was incredibly useful! I took a lot away from the day, so many useful tips were given and it was in some ways the perfect SJT course - it's exactly what I would have wanted! The tutor was very friendly and articulate, she really knew what she was talking about and has created an excellent course. It's extremely good value too, I'll be recommending it to any future medical student asking about SJT courses, it certainly helped me!"

Oliver Nicholls University of Sheffield (46.531)- Thames Valley Oxford 

"The practice questions were really useful especially the ones provided for the new style of question for this year. Explanations were given in excellent depth with clear communication throughout the course. I felt much better prepared for the exam afterwards. I would highly recommend!"

Sophie - Brighton & Sussex Medical School (43.638) North Central & East London

“Very happy with my score. The only thing I used to prepare for the SJT was the Ace Medics course so all credit to the organisers for helping me do well. It helped me to understand the reasoning behind the right answers. ”

Ellie - Barts and the London (44) North Central East London

“The Ace Medics SJT course definitely helped me. Really clear cut advice on how to approach the different types of question, with timing and strategies. The advice for the first section was particularly useful. The delivery was professional, slick and really impressive. Absolutely excellent value for money”

Issy - University of East Anglia (44) North East and Central London

“Yes, was a really helpful overview and went over the key responsibilities and core values of a foundation doctor that could translate over to most questions”

Freddie - University of Sheffield (45.027) Yorkshire and the Humber

“It was definitely the most useful part of my preparation useful as it explained the thought process behind the questions and laid out an approach to tackling the SJT and exam technique”.

CE - UCL (43.1) North West London 

Great course to start your sjt revision when you have no idea where to start !! Got my first choice deanery in west of London so a happy customer !!

Jessica - Norwich University (44.49) East Anglia 

Yes this course was very helpful! Especially helping to differentiate between the new style question answers - very appropriate vs appropriate etc. Found this very useful on the day.

SM - St George’s University of London (43) EBH deanery 

Yes, it was good to review the slides before the SJT. Talking through the rationale and explanations for the different options really helped put things into perspective.

MC - Barts and the London (44.616) South Thames Deanery 

“It was good at giving info on how to approach the questions”

A B - University of Edinburgh (42.3) Scotland Deanery

“Really helped with my score and gave me a good overview of the format of the course”

C N - Brighton and Sussex Medical School (43) Peninsula deanery

“I’m really happy my score thank you! The guidance on the new section did bits :)”

A S - Sheffield Medical school (43.754) Yorkshire and Humber Deanery 

“The course was really helpful in particular with understanding what the new section might require and understanding common themes”

N D- Imperial College London (43) South Thames 

“The course helped me how to understand the different question types”

Jay - Imperial College London (41) South Thames

“A really good base to help me how to approach the examination. Everything was explained well and clearly.”

S A - University of Nottingham (42.1) Trent

“ I believe this course helped me in achieving my score. It was useful to think about why all the answers were right/wrong and the resources given were very useful in preparation”

A N - International Medical Graduate - King Edward Medical University, Pakistan (42) Oxford Deanery

“Many thanks, up to date and relevant content for the exam. The delivery by the speaker was amazing and clear. Would recommend to any final year wanting to know about SJT.”

R W - University of Sheffield (44.265) Yorkshire and Humber Deanery

“Brilliant practice questions and helped me to get to grips with the new style of questions”

T A - Imperial College London (41.09) South Thames Deanery

“Amazing slides and amazing content, this course definitely helped get my score”

PJ University of Sheffield (41) Yorkshire and the Humber

“This course gave me a great baseline to use for understanding the SJT and how to maximise marks in questions”

Luke University of Nottingham (42.2) North West London

“Gave me confidence, how to think about approaching questions, reasonable price was key”

RA St. George’s University London  (41.7) North Central & East London

“Really useful course that helped me to understand the structure and form a basis for approaching the examination” 

KE, Brighton & Sussex Medical School (44.8) North West London

“Clear understanding of new section of SJT”

AD - University of Edinburgh (45.027) North Central & East London

“Comprehensive and engaging content covering all the core questions in the SJT - using examples similar to the real questions” 

CA - University of Sheffield (44.7) South Thames

“I felt a lot more able to focus my preparation for the exam and think I felt more confident. It was useful to go through a way to tackle the new questions”

CR - Barts and the London (45) Severn Deanery

Don't listen to the haters, courses such as this one definitely work!

SM - University of Nottingham (46) North West Thames 

I believe that the Ace Medics SJT course was the most helpful as it provided us with a robust method to approach the different types of questions. The explanations given for the answers were clear and were very much in line with the official markschemes.

AR - University of Sheffield (42.392) South Yorkshire Deanery 

Yes this course was very useful most particularly practising the new style of questions and talking about how to approach those as we didn't have any guidance on this at all. 

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