The professionalism of it all was refreshing. It reminded me of review courses here in the States like Kaplan and Princeton Review.

"I took this course for the UKFPO Situational Judgement Exam. The course was excellently done; the instructor, was an absolute professional. An essential overview of the exam and recommendations for study prep were provided. I particularly appreciated going through the rationale for different general answer types.


I was really impressed. It wasn't just the content of the presentation, but the organization of the presentation that was excellent. Honestly, the professionalism of it all was refreshing. It reminded me of review courses here in the States like Kaplan and Princeton Review.


I honestly recommend this one day, affordable course for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the number of resources and wants a breakdown of how to approach the exam. This course provided much needed guidance on how I should go on to prepare for the test. Good luck, test takers!" Deborah, E MD - USA

Way better than the MDU course - Freddie 

Really good course. Much better than the MDU one which was just a pre recorded video and didn't really talk about strategies at all. I thought focussing on the UKFPs practise questions was good as the logic for other questions may not transfer to the actual SJT

Great value and useful SJT course - Jessica Huddleston

Found the course really useful and increased my confidence for the SJT. Delivered well with good timing and very useful advice. Particularly found the explanations/reasoning behind the practice answers useful as well as how to determine rating categories (e.g. very appropriate vs somewhat appropriate etc.). Presented confidently and kept my attention all the way through. Course was very good value for money. Thank you!


Fantastic course!" - Jamilla Jack

The information was concise, excellently delivered and I really enjoyed this course. I cannot praise the speaker enough. Prompt start and stuck to timing throughout. My SJT exam is close and this was invaluable.


The Course was amazing - Syeda Mushtyari 

The Course was amazing. I had zero confidence about SJT before doing the course. The course is very informative and teaches the best tricks and teaches rational thinking to get the questions right. The teaching is well organised and the structure is great.


The most helpful and worthwhile SJT course! - Aiswarya Gopi

I attended the AceMedics SJT course and it was the most helpful SJT course that I have been on! Very grateful to the team, and especially to the tutor, who delivered the content at a great pace and explained all aspects of the exams and question answers very well. The structure of the day really helped with ensuring every aspect of the exam would be covered and the techniques taught were unique to this course (some of these were very helpful tips, e.g. timings, rationale, which I have not seen any other course cover) and the abundance of exam question practice, especially going over the official papers, was productive and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you again for equipping us with such useful tips and techniques for the SJT, I feel much more ready!

"Succint and relevant information more so than Emedica' - Ellie Trip

Great speaker. Succint and relevant information- more so than Emedica course. Everything was explained well and clearly. Good that you had a focused section on the new question types, particularly helpful that you went through some of the answers that you as a group felt were right, given that the new questions we had been provided with had no explanations attached'