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We are a team of doctors and medical students who love to teach.  We aim to help the next generation of professionals fulfill their potential by providing high-quality and affordable online tuition for everyone, no matter their backgroundWe provide monthly online teaching sessions for GCSE and A-level Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Physics.

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What is Ace Medics?

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How does it work? - The Ace Medics Syllabus

Here we need to clearly set out our service. So people know it's a set syllabus and the classes are once per month at set times repeating.

We provide a   unique parallel syllabus of monthly online classes covering maths, physics, chemistry, and biology. Our academic year runs from September to June. 

GCSE Monthly Schedule 

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Step 1 - Prep Pack


During the week prior to each session you will receive a pack of past paper questions relevant to the topic which are exam board specific.  These questions are hand picked by us from analysing several years of exam questions to identify recurring and challenging areas.

Step 2 - Online Class



During each session we go through the theory of the subject with a specific focus on how to apply this knowledge to boost exam technique. 

We have a clear lesson plan which follows the specification and curriculum guidance for exam boards used in the UK including OCR, AQA, Edexcel and WJEC.

Step 3 - Follow Up


You will also receive a recording of the session for reference and our tutors are available to answer any questions in between sessions.

We teach subjects at an intensive pace so these sessions help to consolidate your knowledge and help you get ahead in class. 

Here is a snippet from our A-level Biology session

Why we created Ace Medics

Having been through the journey ourselves, we understand how challenging and frustrating revising for exams can be without the right support. We spent lots of money and time with expensive tutoring companies and gained little benefit.


This is why we decided to create Ace Medics - an online teaching portal that provides an affordable service for all students.


Our Doctors have over 10 years of experience of tutoring for GCSE/A-levels. We have helped many students go from C to A*. We truly believe that academic success is attainable for anyone with the right support .  


We are so happy you've found us and we hope that our resources and guidance will make a big difference to you!  

Small group sessions

Each virtual classroom has less than 10 students to ensure active participation of each and every student and keep learning focused

Affordable price 

Each session is only a fraction of the price for private tutoring

Run by Doctors

All of our tutors are Doctors or Medical Students who have a wealth of teaching experience 

Get ahead in class 

Each intensive session covers a full module with exam practice at a much faster pace than schools 

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